rufus-scheduler 3.0 2013-10-02 home comments

I’ve just released rufus-scheduler 3.0.

Rufus-scheduler was started around 2006 and slowly grew into its 2.x version. Many people helped along the way (see credits.txt). The gem proved useful.

Rufus-scheduler 3.0 is an almost complete rewrite. I needed a more stable ground to go on maintaining it.

Here are the most notable changes:

The readme should detail all the levers and gauges of the tool.

If you experience troubles with the migration to 3.0 (maybe a loose gemspec mentioning ‘rufus-scheduler’ and no version), report issues via GitHub

If you need help, request it via StackOverflow. The old mailing list is, well, “deprecated”. Do not ask for help or report issues via Twitter.

Many thanks to all who helped.

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